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Spicebox launches with bravera for earth day

SpiceBox Organics is a boutique certified-organic food store and health-conscious cafe.

A socially-conscious company that specializes in the sourcing and distribution of great-tasting, high quality environmentally-friendly foods. 

The perfect partnerships for Earth Day! With Bravera, SpiceBox has created their own store group inside the Bravera app. Simply join the group (open / public access) to convert your walking points into discounted rewards in its stores (both Kennedy Town and Cain Road), and also online!

Also, you can enjoy a free tea of coffee at both locations when you sit down for an amazing healthy meal! 

Walking and moving more increases your health, and if in replace of a commute, reduces carbon footprint, and so does buying healthy and sustainable products from SpiceBox! 

SpiceBox Organics is Hong Kong’s only USDA certified organic store and ensures that products are sourced from sustainable organisations. They have over 1200 products including spices, spice blends, gluten-free products, vegan products, teas, fresh local vegetables, herbs, superfoods, grains, and cold-pressed oils. They also offer eco-friendly cleaning and body products, plus herbal supplements.

The tagline “the conscious choice” means always being conscious of the choices we make and the impact it would have on our community and the environment and to make sure we do whatever we can to promote and sustain the wellbeing of both.

SpiceBox instore rewards with Bravera


discounts for walking with Bravera


organic and healthy discount rewards for walking with Bravera


SpcieBox healthy wards with Bravera


SpcieBox healthy wards with Bravera


Healthy and award winning discount rewards with SpiceBox Organics and Bravera




Want to 'see' how to get access to the 'WATCH' the video below!

(Hint: Click the image or Click here )

SpcieBox Loyalty Group Access with Bravera for walking and running points for rewards


We're very much looking forward to you chatting and having some friendly competition with friends and family!

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