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Monthly socials back with for runners @Fineprint

It has taken a LONG TIME!

Some of us thought this may not happen again in 2021. But, after almost a year of no socials ... there was an 'all-your-codes' social on Saturday 5th June.

A monthly fixture in 2020, members of the private group can exchange QR codes earned through every 20km of activity for a free coffee, hot chocolate, or wine at any Fineprint location in Hong Kong. 

Friends, both old and new, came together to catch up over many glasses of wine (in total, 111 glasses of wine were consumed using Bravera codes! Sounds like the members had a great time). 

To find out more about the Gone Runners and how to join their club and get access to the perks inside Bravera (including HKD 50, HKD 100, and HKD 200 vouchers at the Gone Running Store), please visit

Fineprint Social 2