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Step Up 2018

Our challenge is to do 100km in 30 days and perhaps you’re asking yourself if you can you go the distance? The short answer is probably yes, you can. Unless you’re putting in for a big promotion before CNY, breastfeeding round the clock or organizing a wedding, you almost certainly can manage 100km in 30 days. It’s easier than you think.

Going out for a casual dinner in SoHo? Finish up with a gentle night hike through the mid-levels and end the night with the city lights at your feet. Doing the school run? Go a few extra MTR stops and take the kids along the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (they’ll sleep well that night!) There’s so much green space too vertical to build on in Hong Kong that chances are there’s even a manageable head-clearing walk right outside your office, perfect to cool off when you feel like saying something you shouldn’t. Or if you are organizing a wedding and your in-laws are taking an active interest, it’s just 0.41km an hour of pacing, 8 hours a day, so you could be well on the way to meeting the challenge already.

So, 100km in 30 days…let’s break it down:

that’s 24km a week or

3.33km a day or

5km x1 midweek + 19km at the weekend or

5km x2 midweek + 14km at the weekend or

8km x3 midweek + loafing all weekend.

You get the idea. There’s an endless combination of hikes and trails to suit every schedule. There is a list of resources to hikes in and around Hong Kong at the bottom of this blog that will be useful when planning your activities. To put the above in perspective, the average adult walking speed is about 5km per hour (source: Portland State University), and if you don’t feel like you could manage to find 1-2 hours a week to take yourself off to walk for charity and 3 hours at the weekend just for a month, it’s probably a good sign that you deserve that time out and that something needs to change.

Everyone knows that staying fit helps to keep us healthy, but not many people really appreciate how much hiking can really do for you. It’s so much more than just going for a walk, depending on your weight and the route, hiking has been shown to burn around 500 calories an hour (source:, it’s been linked to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke, even osteoporosis and arthritis (source: AHS). There’s even reason to believe that hiking boosts your immune system through its impact on antioxidant levels (source: Kusano and Ferrari, 2008). Furthermore, what a lot of people don’t realise is how much it can do for your mind.